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Synchronize the EA with the VPS

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I bought an EA on MQL5 (includig 5 activations on different computers), and it works fine with one account on my VPS, and when I try to run it on a 2nd account, it won't attach to chart. So I believe I have to sync it with the VPS, and here is where my problem start... 

My navigator window looks like this:


I do not have the option to sync, as in this image:


I do not use Mql5 VPS, and my VPS server is not visible in the navigator window, only an option to register with MQL5 VPS.

I may download the EA in the MT4/other account, but that will use up one more activation, and I have only 3 left...

Any suggestions on how the EA can run on several accounts on the VPS without having to activate for every account?


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I am not entirely clear on your set up.  But, from what I understand, you have the EA installed on one terminal in a VPS and you want to have it in another terminal on the same VPS.  From that limited information, that is ok to do.  But, there are a couple of sticking points.  One, you cannot have two terminals both with the same account number running at the same time.  They will sync with each only on the VPS and it is pointless.  And if you try to run a terminal on a VPS with the EA and put another terminal on say your home desktop, the EA will not work regardless of syncing.  That is because you will need to use another activation for your desktop.  Which again is pointless.  The best thing to do is to run a VPS and use multiple terminals with SEPARATE account numbers in each.  You can use just the one activation of the EA across terminals and accounts as long as they are on the same VPS.  Do not try to sync anything to another VPS or desktop.  Does that help?