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Strategy Quant versus Forex Strategy Builder Pro

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I have been in the process of attempting to create my own EA's based on how I want to trade currency.  I played with a couple of ex4 files on MQL5 (ie: ) and then a free one, then finally graduated to testing Strategy Quant and FSB Pro.  The cheaper EA builders work, but will not be able to give you the complexity of these two builders. 


There are two supposed big differences between SQ and FSB according to reading reviews online prior to this post.  The first is the pricing.  FSB Pro is very expensive if you purchase the EA Studio and FSB as a package.  From what I can see, you cannot test FSB, so I don't know if the shortcomings with EA Studio is filled in by FSB.  The second is "logical" functionality.  According to other reviews, FSB builds with more "logic" than SQ.  I cannot comment on that, but I can tell you about EA Studio.  EA Studio actually does a great job at "automatically" generating "winning" EA's for Forex.  But after about 4 hours of generating EA's, then testing 2 out on MT4 Strategy Tester (with 99.99% tick data), both did not have the same data as what was given in EAB.  In fact, not even close.  They looked pretty good on EAB, then running on MT4, they both failed miserably.  I guess at that point, people would go back and tweak on EAB.  But, for the price of the software, I don't understand why anyone would want to do that.  It takes so much time....


On Strategy Quant, it basically does the same thing, but has a lot more testing and tweaking before being able to get an EA.  Also, and this is a big thing for me, Strategy Quant allows for money management and dynamic lot sizing.  EAB did not allow for this.  I mean, if you really want to grow an account with a successful EA, you NEED to have MM/auto lot.  Having to manually go into the EA every week, month, etc to adjust the lot sizing is a pain in the ass.


So, I went with SQ on a purchase.  It is VERY complex and has a steep learning curve.  But the EA's it is producing show much better results than FSB.  And, the customer support responds fairly quickly.


Oh.  And by the end of this year, you will be able to import custom indicators into SQ.  This will make things a whole lot easier when making a successful EA.

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